Feed Chicago was started in May 2021 by a group of friends and family from different backgrounds that decided to share their love of food with others.  We initially started by creating a GoFundMe page with a modest funding goal of $500. Right away we started reaching out to numerous homeless shelters in the Chicagoland area and successfully coordinated and executed our first cookout at the LPCS intermediate housing in the City of Chicago. Our first cookout meal included freshly grilled tacos, homemade cookies (Joey’s), homemade salsa, and a variety of beverages.

One cookout was enough for us to realize that we wanted to keep doing this.  We upped our funding goal and began putting together goodie/food bags to directly hand out to individuals on the streets of Chicago. We continued to serve while enjoying every second of it, over time more donations and volunteers started pouring in.  This is when we realized that we truly love what we do and decided to take it further.

In June of 2021 we created and registered Feed Chicago Nonprofit with the state of Illinois.


Feed Chicago pledges to keep the same core beliefs that we had on day one throughout our mission.  Our main pillar of belief is to simply give and joyously serve others in the midst of difficult times. We all happen to love food and that’s how we give back and serve the community of Chicago.  Whether this means serving food directly to people on the streets of Chicago or hosting a cookout, we will do whatever it takes to reach the community.

We are very thankful for everyone who helped us along the way including but not limited to Donors, Volunteers, and Shelters and we hope to continue this mission together with you and our new supporters.


The Feed Chicago Team


We wanted to shout out & thank our corporate sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring or working with us, please reach out!