Handing Out Goodie Bags ๐Ÿฅ–๐Ÿš—

Hi Everyone,

I am very happy and thankful to let you know that we completed our 2nd food drive event. Thanks to our volunteers and donors we were able to hand out a total of 24 food/goodie bags to some amazing and appreciative folks in the heart of Chicago downtown on Sunday 06/13/21.

Each goodie bag contained the following items: 2×7.5in deli sub sandwiches, 1 pair of socks, toothpaste and brush set, 2 fruits, listing of all chicago homeless shelters (phone, address, etc), Candy, Cliff bar, $5 bill in cash, 2 bottles of water, and a personal hand written inspirational card.

Special thank you to the following amazing volunteers: Ewelina C., Patricia D., Jim K., Ivona N., Melissa M.. This team put together a total of 50 Sub sandwiches and prepared and helped deliver a total of 24 goodie bags. Amazing production factory like skills, impressive!!!

Also a huge thank you to the following new donors: Evert D. & Sonja Z., Pam P.(in person), and Jim K. without your amazing generosity none of this would be possible, thank you.


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