Our First Event was a Success ๐ŸŒฎ ๐Ÿคค

Hello Kind Hearted People,

I am delighted to say that with everyone’s help (Volunteers, Donors, LPCS residents & staff) we were able to successfully complete our very first cookout event. The event took place this past Saturday (June 5th, 2021) at the LPCS community center located in Chicago. The team was able to cook approximately 40lbs of tacos and bake 120 homemade delicious chocolate chip cookies (thank you Joey).

It was a pleasure to meet and serve the good folks at LPCS (residents and staff) and on their behalf I wanted to let the donors know that they appreciated this cookout and everyone’s efforts that went into making this event happen.

Thank you to Volunteers who attended event: Andy P., Kacper S, Patricia E., Nathan M., Rupert, M.

LPCS staff: Dave (We are very thankful for your guidance and amazing organizational tips). Jameela thank you for assisting with scheduling/planning piece.

Special thank you to Joey for volunteering to bake 120 world class chocolate chip cookies.

With regards to finances, the event cost a total of $360 and we were able to serve aprox 30 individuals with enough left overs to cover another meal or so (@LPCS). Please reference additional posts for cost breakdown. Feel free to contact me with regards to cost improvement ideas.

With this being our first event, there were numerous lessons and best practices learnt with regards to cost improvement and prep efficiency.

Please note that for privacy reasons we do not take any pictures of the residents and this will remain to be our policy for future events.

Thank you to Everyone who made this possible. Future events are in the works.


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