Right to the Streets

We are pleased to let you know that we completed our 3rd food drive event this past Sunday (06/20/21).

Thank you to the following kind individuals for being generous with their time and helping prep and deliver food/goodie bags to 24 individuals in the City of Chicago. Thank you Ewelina, Patricia, and Andy W. for attending and helping with this event. Also once again, thank you to every single one of you for your donations, without your donations this act of kindness wouldn’t be possible. As far as new donations go, thank you to Jedrzej(Andy P.) for his 2nd recent contribution.

Similar to the last event, we drove/walked around Chicago downtown and targeted street tents/individuals.

Each food/goodie bag contained the following items: 2x sandwich subs(deli meat, salads, cheese), 2xfruits, 2xbags of chips, 2xsnackbars, 2xbottles of water, 1xbar of soap, 1xtoilet paper, 1x pair of socks. Please see attached picture.

As far as accounting goes, I will publish a separate update capturing details. In summary, this event cost a total of $196 and served a total of 24 individuals. We were able to utilize some of the food items from the last food drive, which helped lower the overall cost.

With regards to future events, we have 2 tentative shelters that are potentially interested in hosting a cookout for their residents with our participation. I will keep you posted.

Last but not least, I want to share with you some words that were shared by folks whom received the food/goodie bags: “I lost everything and every bit helps, thank you for doing this”, “God bless you for taking care of us”, “this is much appreciated, brother, thank you”.