The Beginning of Feed Chicago ๐Ÿ’™

I AM SHOCKED. This is insane, I canโ€™t believe that the funding goal was met (and exceeded) in less than 24 hours. Thank you all for allowing this beautiful activity to get started, you are all truly amazing and loving.
As a small update, I started reaching out to shelters informing them of our GoFundMe and our intention. Once I hear back, I will provide updates with additional info. My plan is to line up at least a couple of events over the next few weekends. I will aim to schedule the BBQ events on weekends since a couple of you expressed interest in volunteering โ€“ more updates to come.
Please feel free to send me any recommendations regarding shelters, organizations, places, etc.
Once again, THANK YOU all for allowing this idea to lift off the ground. I will continue providing regular updates as progress is made.

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